Weiand Small Block Ford 351C X-Celerator Intake Manifold



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Weiand Small Block Ford 351C X-Celerator Intake Manifold works best with a higher compression ratio, 280° or more of cam duration and headers with 1-5/8" primary tubes. Being a mid- to high-rpm manifold, a standard transmission, or an automatic transmission with a 3000 rpm stall converter, is highly recommended. The carburetor mounting pad is designed to accept current performance aftermarket carburetors. The WEIAND X-CELerator Series is the ultimate street/strip performance manifold for single 4V applications where increased torque and power is required in the mid and high rpm ranges.

  • Single Plane Design
  • Square Carburetor Mounting Flange
  • Power band: 1500-7000 RPM
  • Height: Front 4.28", Rear 5.36"
  • Port Size: 1.95” height 1.34" width
  • No EGR provision
  • New updated casting design
  • Weiand Intake Manifold
  • X-Celerator
  • Square Bore
  • Single Plane
  • Aluminum
  • Natural
  • 2V Head
  • Ford Cleveland / Modified
  • Each



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