Simpson Drag Racing Red 12' Crossform Chute 200-300MPH



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Simpson drag racing red 12' crossform chute for speeds up to 200-300mph, Crossform reinforced nylon parachutes utilize a handmade crossform design that's reliable and durable from 200 to 300 plus mph. They have a 12 ft. plume, which extends 16 ft. from the car and uses a 12 in. pilot chute and compression launch spring. The 0.090 in. alloy mounting plate allows for bolt-on installation, and they include an aluminized chute pack and backing.

  • Drag Racing Parachute 
  • Cross Form
  • 12 ft
  • Handmade Cross Form Design 
  • 200-300 MPH 
  • Aluminized Pack / Pilot Parachute
  • Red 
  • Each
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