Dedenbear Nitrous Oxide 4-Stage Controller



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Dedenbear Nitrous Oxide 4-Stage Controller, NOC1 Nitrous Oxide Controller supplies all the necessary tools to run a nitrous equipped car in a single, space saving controller that's easy to use. This non-progressive controller does not chatter nitrous solenoids like other brands of controllers, but instead lets you precisely time up to 4-stages, allowing power to be brought in smoothly and consistently. This controller is also ideal for running multiple stages of ignition retards or lean out solenoids.

  • Four independent timers apply 12 volts to control a nitrous, retard, or lean out system of up to four stages
  • Extreme precision, with adjustments made up to the thousandth of a second
  • Four ignition retard outputs remove ground from your retard box (separate retard box required)
  • One combination RPM switch / 4-stage timer output
  • Remote display output for LED dial-in board RD1
  • Pro/Full feature allows saving two groups of settings
  • Illuminated keypad and display for night racing
  • Easy push button programming, not laptop required!
  • Measures 9.12 in. W x 3.75 in. H x 2.13 in D
  • Each